PetPet Park Review – The Cute Virtual Animal Games


PetPet Park is an online virtual world for kids made by the same guys who created Neopets and is backed by Nickelodeon. PetPets were first part of Neopets – they were the “pets” of the Neopets, if that makes sense. So essentially, PetPet Park is a spinoff from Neopets. In this game, players get to choose their virtual avatar from a selection of “PetPets”, which are basically cute, cuddly, made-up creatures. The player can then explore the virtual world (known as PetPet Park), play mini games, dress up their avatar, chat with other players, make friends, and more.

The Positives

There are several positives about PetPet Park: firstly, the graphics are very colorful and creative, which makes it very appealing to the target audience; the music also ties in with this, and creates a very fun and light atmosphere which engages the senses. Secondly, the are a plethora of mini games available, which will keep kids playing for hours, and all are pretty easy to pick up from a learning perspective. We really enjoyed the overall look and feel of the game – you can tell that a lot of effort has gone into this game from all areas, being graphics, music, and gameplay. Avatar customization is also a positive, with a large offering of clothes and accessories to choose from which means players can make their avatars look unique. We also liked the fact that users could create their own private rooms where they can use their imagination to decorate their garden and home however they please. The gardening aspect of the game was also a fun little addition.

The Negatives

When we entered PetPet Park, we immediately noticed that there were not as many users online, especially when compared another game we reviewed, Animal Jam. We explored several different areas on the map, and each area had no more than 1-2 users in it, despite the fact that we picked the most active server to play on.

Another negative is that many areas within each main area were locked to members only, which means that users would have to purchase membership in order to get into these locked rooms. Additionally, users are able to create their own private rooms, but we couldn’t find a way to get to other players’ private rooms. We’re not sure how you could see someone else’s room, but we assume you would have to physically invite them to your room. This is a rather big flaw… when you think about it, what’s the point of making and decorating rooms if you can’t show them off? Also, players in other similar games use the private room functionality to create their own games and groups, so we think that PetPet Park is limiting the creativity of players in that regard.


ppark_celebrationIn conclusion, PetPet Park is a great game overall. Its bright and colorful graphics are a joy to play in, and the mini games are sure to keep any player busy for a while. We might have given the game a go at a quiet time, so don’t let the inactivity expressed above deter you from giving this game a go. PetPet Park is moderated and backed by Nickelodeon, so you can rest assured knowing that you/your child is going to be safe while playing PetPet Park. The interface in the game is very intuitive and help is always easily found. If you like virtual pets and want to take control of your own little virtual pet, then PetPet Park is definitely a game you should consider between another virtual animal game like Animal Jam which can generate unlimited amount of resources with free animal jam membership codes.

Find Out How The Hay Day Hack Works

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Hay Day Hack And All Its Features

It’s created to create unlimited number of resources diamonds and specifically coins. These two are fundamental components towards a Hay Day farm that is successful. It’s nevertheless a fact that these two cannot be obtained readily. While playing can be only got through by coins, diamonds need actual money to be bought on the app store. It might not be an issue to some deep pocketed people but also for many the gamers, it’s the other way around.

As to what precisely the the tool let just say, it get private files does and edits it to inject the the created coins and diamonds that where purported in the hay day hack through the world wide web. It could seem easy but mind you the programmers of the program spent innumerable hours simply to make the program work. Since I am among the Hay Day players which continues to be enjoying its advantages since its beta release several months past, I will personally attest this application is a functioning piece of pure genius. Forget about waiting time and I will definitely purchase anything since I have almost infinite number of resources within my account that I need.

I am aware there are those that will make an effort to rationalize on matters and so will state it is imitation or some virus might content or hack. Because that was my first impression also, I locate this normal. After my buddies said that this items is legit nevertheless, I chose to give this a try also it does actually work. With what occur, I could undoubtedly say that using this tool is really all worthwhile.

Get Diamonds With Hay Day Hack Instantly!

hay day hack proofGreat news to those of US who are mobile users, now you can get the hay day hack tool without needing to utilize a PC it does the same function as the downloadable variant of the hack also since a web-based generator has become live. This can be a huge step for the programmer to reach lots of the Hay Day gamers out all around the world.

In case you wan to get coins and free diamonds you then may use the most recent Hay Day Hack page by visiting the download section. Browse the tutorial and ensure your system satisfies with the prerequisites so that you can produce the tool work just how it’s supposed to. Begin loving the game plus don’t throw away your own time like never before.

Clash of Clans Game Tips Part 2


You should read the Clash of clans tips before you read this one. In Clash of Clans, you can discover essentially 2 benchmarks that make an attack successful: resources and stars. While destroying 50% of the base, Stars are usually earned under the patronage of destroying town hall. Attack and you get trophies bonus, with at least one star earned in a the win. The resources usually were effortlessly in reach, loss or trophies defeat has always been a good tradeoff, in case getting a star is unattainable with an enemy’s base. This choice impacts and depends on your own overarching method for the game.

The tried and very true techniques within Clash of archers, Clans or even barbarians are a bare bones combination. They are the 1-st and 2-nd troops to become unlocked and are probably the fastest to train. This approach has usually been the best for rolling attacks. Remember, attacking base after base with no much wait time in between. This attack formation has always been best optimized with a soaring troop.

Clash of Clans Hack & Tips


Clash of Clans is an immensely reputed game accessible on all Google and Apple devices. It was free to download and has always been practically rather fun to play. You start with a tiny village and collect resources for upgrades on your own buildings. Then once again, as you progress in the game you will visit other random villages and raid them for resources. Often, you got to create your own army and defense structure to protect your own village from different players. I’m sure you heard about this. It should be a rather complex method game involving tons of feasible outcomes, or it could simply be a relaxing game to play to kill some time.

You usually really purchase gems in the games’ store in exchange for actual, realworld $$. Just play game for free and our Gems must pile up after playing for over a workweek or so.

More defense structures have been unlocked that you usually can build to further our own fortifications, as you advance in game.

You see, things that DON’T belong on our inside walls: Army Camps, Barracks and Builder’s Spells, Huts, Laboratory as well as Factory.

Things that DO belong on your own inside walls: Town Hall, Gold/Elixir Storage Centers.

Now look. Now you were usually maybe questioning about Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. With all that said. These are things types that in the event you think it is possible to fit them comfortably inside of your own walls, then you need. They should be okay on outsides since you’d better collect from them small amount of times a week. Simply find out if they are always within range of your own towers and cannons.


With all that said. You could upgrade your castle further to apartments more donated soldiers. Clan Castle is categorized as a defensive building, so it had a range on it. Yes , that’s right! Anything that comes inside of its limits shall be attacked by stored soldiers, so place it in an excellent spot.

This clash of clans hack technique goes the opposite way as a result. Cannot waste our soldiers attacking a base with nothing to gain from it. You have got 30 seconds to assess the enemy base in the event it’s worth attacking. Making your own soldiers costs you elixir, so expending them must be worth it for you. It’s okay to skip some until you discover a base that has always been going to turn out becoming an overall gain for you.

Meez Coin Hack That Works

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Under no circumstances from this perspective, there’re plenty of articles out there on which virtual worlds are good. Communities that inhabit them, I believe, virtual worlds have usually been not fun content as that they have got. The question is. Is it fun when there’s nobody to play with? While swearing and as well content moderation, Is it fun when it’s unsually full of adult no. Ofcourse my opinion has usually been the following, no and that worlds are probably not fun, since this is an opinionated article.

Sounds familiar? MMOG that they usually get my hands on. The point was usually that we had plenty of experience trying unusual products, this typically leans towards ‘freetoplay’ games or else they will go broken. Then, thru all of my time playing, I’ve come to this conclusion: I’m oftentimes happier playing something that surrounds me with positive collaboration, a helpful or game regardless content.

That said, get a lesser role in my goal to look for very good communities out there, aspects like content as well as world graphics are as well included.

meez_05_400_wcalloutsOnverse probably was a fairly modern virtual world. It virtually shined in the regulations we was looking for most in virtual worlds. It was definitely more ‘game like’ than most virtual worlds, while it is always a common virtual world. You could explore to collect points for shopping, get a free collect pets, dress our own avatar, home and mounts. In general, gaming angle and partnership are outstanding. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Apparently this was built by a quite short indie team and accordingly far, which once again bodes well for this potential product, there always is still some work that intends to be done.

With that said, habbo is the oldest virtual worlds out there. Most “browser based” worlds cought into this category due to browsers inability to handle complex 3D rendering, graphics have usually been possibly biggest downside to Habbo. There were plenty of fun games and activities to participate in. With that said, society was decent and communication has been good. Grab a free Guest Room and decorate with “furni”, or head out to fellowship Rooms to meet individuals and hang out.

With that said, free Realms is a good world with plenty of activities. They scored big on housing, userfriendliness as well as graphics. It is also familyfriendly with no adult content which they liked. World had been great. Besides, it did seem highly in the face about purchasing things.

Club Penguin has probably been a cartoony, “webbased” world. It’s a well it’s targeted towards children and had been a little below my private preference for society, due to interaction being primarily with children. It does got a lot to do, as well as getting our own special igloo. It scored lofty on my rating scheme however and has probably been a good place in the event you probably were under 12 years pretty old.

This is the case. Meez is always fun and there were loads of people to hang out with. Notice, there always is no “world” to speak of, just a network of backgrounds to get our avatar and chat and dance. You will find tons of avatar customizations and they liked all animations.

There you had it. Anyway, if you’re looking for meez coin hack that work you can visit the link.

Find New Friends In Meez Nation


Meez has been the very best electronic globe on the internet along with it was generally data approximately 3 dimensional prototypes, electronic regional neighborhoods and along with video game titles. a good real constraint has been how good objects ready to be obtained along with Coins, that cost a real income. That’s ended up Meez Gold coin Chop comes in, a blueprint in which obtains the visa card free Coins.

In the Meez Nation there always are several regions, prominent as “Hoods,” that users will explore. You can find urban centered “Uptown,” biz oriented “Posh Heights,” celebrity styled “Meez Hills,” “artistoriented” “Arcadia,” sea themed “Chillville,” model living “Burbia,” and edgy “Hell’s Kitchen. It’s a well within the following hoods there’re multiple “hangouts. Just think for a fraction of second. We’re looking at essentially custom designed chat rooms created with the help of Users.

Users will create a personalized avatar for use one and the other in Meez’s Virtual World and another online public networks. That’s right. It’s generally meant being a virtual 3 dimensional user representation.

Meez – Meet The New 3D Social Game!


It’s unsually predominately United States focussed, with 90% of it’s also user base coming from there. Launched in 2006 Meez got a vast user base, with almost 3 million one-of-a-kind users participating in one shape or form every week.

It’s always aimed at a much more ‘adult’ crows than Meez. One way or another, you may got the own marry, homes and even meet folks -you will even run a buziness. Be careful though, it was largely unregulated, so it is significant that you see what you probably were letting ourselves in for preparatory to going on.

It’s still more adult than games like Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin, there always was far more moderation than on 2nd existence. The fundamental plus point for Habbo is how friendly folks probably were and, thanks to it was generally ‘clubs’ functionality, how straightforward it’s to search for folks with the same interests as you. It had nearly 6 million registered users across a broad range of countries, 150 at last count.

Much of what we like is probably subjective it may be tough to call. When you like Meez like a more grown up feel 2-nd health is always best, in the event you decide that you wish more ‘RolePlaying’ then aia was usually the right one for you.

I’m sure it sounds familiar. Games like Meez but better were always impossible to call as one individual shall have pretty special opinions to another. Nonetheless, that kind of 5 games need give you plenty to be going on with.

The Amazing Clash of Clans Game In Your Phone


Chief, your own troops are prepared for battle! This is one of some unusual notifications you shall get while you are playing Clash of Clans on our phone or tablet. Clash of Clans has probably been among the few apps where they look forward to push notifications, and slide to right with an eye to rectify whatever has been amiss or otherwise needs my attention. a leader people. Chief finally. Now let me ask you something. Why has been that this game is so reputed? Shall we 1st talk about what Clash of Clans has always been unto we reply back to that question.

On top of this, clash of Clans is a combat/village building/tower defense game. You begin game with a tiny village that got a defense or a town hall, 2 and some buildings that collect and store gold and elixir. Known all of our own clan mates shall laugh at you as you fail.

You are able to select troop type you like and allocation of deployment, when you attack a village. You should not control the troops once they were deployed. Our troops will go right behind what they were always designed to go right behind until that specific subject no longer exists, at which point they shall begin attacking whatever is always closest. Realizing where. Let me tell you something. There are always a ton of unusual options, however you must look for a bunch of online resources that show players to do things a peculiar way.

Notice, clans were usually my favorite fraction about Clash of Clans. Now regarding the aforementioned matter of fact. Everyone usually can join or start a clan and play along with the mates. You should be able to give and receive troops supporting in attacking and defending, while in a clan. You will likewise share replays of attacks and defenses with the clan to show anybody how you are doing. Usually, you’ll discover an internal clan chat scheme that lets you keep up to date with folks in your own clan and discuss approaches or whatever you want’ Like making pal fun who made a resource raid with barbarians’ What a loser! It is always a good game to play throughout the main office.

The 2 things that make this game shine for me. You will spend as much or as little time as you would like in the game and still have lots of fun. a lot of games just like this have you get to a peculiar point where you in case you can not spend a little $, you fall way behind or get slaughtered my guys who do. You must not run in this troubles with Clash of Clans. Of course, this game is free and was usually a perfect game to waste a little time when you get bored or probably were waiting in outline. For instance, play with the kids, play with our wives!